5 ways to deal with difficult people

Some people love to be miserable and it doesn’t matter what is going on in their lives, they are going to complain, be negative or be “the glass is half full” kind of person. Learn to stand firm and not get drawn into their drama or negativity

  1. Anyone can have a bad day or feel the need to vent over a situation, that’s normal but don’t allow yourself to become a victim of someone else’s rants. Five minutes is enough time to vent, anything more than that probably means they are repeating themselves. Protect yourself from getting dragged down by their negativity so if they are still going strong at the five minute mark, excuse yourself from the conversation.
  2. Negative people often use extreme language like “always” and “never.” Try to guide them into fact-based statements that are more accurate. For example, if they are complaining someone is always late, remind them of a time when the person was on time.
  3. Use humor to try disarm a difficult person. For example, if someone is on their soapbox and trying to bully you into their point of view, try saying “I’m surprised you aren’t more passionate about your stance.” Often times, this will stop them in their tracks.
  4. Don’t give them their way, instead stand up to them. For example, if someone is being bossy try simply saying, “No, I’m not giving you your way.” If someone is consistently negative, don’t ask them their opinion and then explain that your experience with them has proven to be consistently negative so you decided not to ask them their opinion this time around.
  5. Keep in mind, difficult people are unhappy so try to be compassionate and consider what it must be like to be them.

Most people don’t need a therapist, they just need a change.™

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