A family-friendly formula for meaningful conversation: 5 questions to get you started

In today’s busy fast-paced life, getting together for family dinner or even finding some time to connect at the end of the day can be challenging. To make matters, worse, it can be tough to get everyone on the same page and talking, particularly the kids. Try asking these 5 questions:

  1. What was the high point of your day? It can be something you enjoyed, for example, your favorite class topic in school today or someone you had an interesting conversation with.
  2. What was your low point today? Doesn’t have to be a life or death situation, just something that you did not particularly enjoy…for example sitting in traffic on your way to work or when they ran out of chocolate milk at school. A nice sub-question here, knowing what you know now, is there anything you learned to do differently next time?
  3. What is something you did for someone today that you did without expecting to get anything in return? This is a great nudge for kids to start thinking about the personal benefits of being someone who is helpful and cares about others. Studies clearly indicate helping others, helps us too…we feel better about ourselves and have higher quality relationships when we are “good guys and gals.”
  4. What is something you learned today? It can be a factoid you read on-line, a news story or a topic covered at work or school. The point here is creating a culture of life-long learning. Doesn’t matter if your family consists of preschooler or retirees, learning is good for everyone!
  5. Name one thing that is good about being you today. I’ll be honest here, Uncle Kracker’s It Feels Good To Be Me is the inspiration for this question…it can’t help but put you in a good mind and ignite happiness for simply being yourself!

If these questions don’t speak to you, no problem - come up with your own. Just start talking!

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