Jan 10, 2017

It’s officially 2017 and it’s that time of year again! The gyms are filling up and the resolutions are in full effect. Unfortunately, the majority of these resolutions will fail, in fact 92% of them fail. That leaves only around an 8% success rate. Being someone that does life coaching I’m here to propose: while New Year’s Resolutions can seem positive and have the very best intentions when we make them, they can actually be quite negative and undermine us in reaching our goals. Think about the goal of losing 20 pounds… it is pretty black and white… you either lose 20 pounds or you don’t.

Mar 10, 2016

Even the most motivated, positive and productive people go through periods where their “Edge” is dulled and they are floundering and that can quickly drain away motivation and confidence. For some people it is stagnation in their career or simply an insurmountable workload. Sometimes personal issues such as divorce, loss, family demands or a sense of “losing yourself” in the demands of work and life leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Feb 18, 2016

Face it, forgiveness is hard. I once went out and randomly interviewed 15 strangers on the street and asked them “Is it easier to forgive yourself or someone else?” Fourteen people immediately responded with some variation of it’s easier to forgive others and only one person, after pausing a few seconds said, he found it easier to forgive himself. While it was by no means an exhaustive research study, my work has allowed me to hear hundreds of people report it is harder to forgive themselves than it is to forgive others.

Jan 17, 2016

In today’s busy fast-paced life, getting together for family dinner or even finding some time to connect at the end of the day can be challenging. To make matters, worse, it can be tough to get everyone on the same page and talking, particularly the kids. Try asking these 5 questions: