Apr 28, 2015

Forging healthy relationships can be a challenge and learning to recognize genuine people, whether in our personal or professional relationships, can help us to feel more secure and allow us to practice the required vulnerability it takes to really connect with people.

Some people struggle to be genuine themselves, what does it mean to be genuine and how do you allow yourself to be vulnerable to being genuine?  Genuine people have a high sense of self-awareness and are more objective about themselves… they try to observe themselves.

Apr 14, 2015

Fear is a natural and sometimes appropriate human emotion. The trick with fear is not to let it consume you and to distinguish when it’s a tool that is helping to keep you safe and guiding you towards good choices and when it is simply undermining your peace of mind and quality of life.

When you feel like your fear is taking over, follow these 5 steps:

Apr 7, 2015

The original goal of social media was to provide new ways for users to create and maintain relationships and no one can argue social media is a raging success by nearly any standards. I would venture to say, early social media pioneers had no idea how they would impact our lives.

Feb 24, 2015

We all have situations in life when we are being asked our opinion, a specific issue needs to be addressed or we feel someone could benefit from a different perspective. Honesty can be tricky for some people because they don’t want to be mean, risk rejection or engage in conflict.

Here is a 5 step process to be honest without being hurtful while minimizing the possibility of rejection and conflict.