Nov 10, 2014
  1. You will always be spectacularly imperfect. Don’t put your dreams or goals on hold until you are perfect. It will never happen, and you will deny the world a chance to fully benefit from knowing you.
  2. You can not have a great life if you have bad attitude. If you have a bad attitude, why not consider an adjustment. What have you got to lose?
  3. You are exactly where you need to be this minute, but that doesn’t mean you can or should stay there.
Nov 4, 2014

In my opinion, these are great questions to keep you accountable to yourself:

Oct 27, 2014

October has been an amazing month for me. To kick-off the month, nearly two weeks before my Big 50 Birthday, my husband, Larry and good friend, Lori, threw me the best surprise party in the history of surprise parties.! To say, I was surprised is a huge understatement. For 20 whole seconds, I just stood there dumbfounded.

Oct 21, 2014

Emotional Intelligence is one of the best indicators of success and happiness in life. People with high emotional intelligence tend to do better at work, be better leaders, have higher degrees of accountability, have more positive relationships and in general, live happier lives.

Just like IQ, everyone is born with EQ. The difference is, your IQ remains relatively stable while EQ can be learned so you can get smarter with your emotions.

Here are 5 habits that set emotionally intelligent people apart: