Motivational Speaking

Coach Monique DeMonaco, motivational speakerLooking for a motivational speaker for your next event or conference? Coach Monique DeMonaco combines her passion for learning and expertise in leadership coaching to deliver inspirational keynote presentations for business events. Monique is based in the Pittsburgh area, but travels everywhere for speaking engagements.

A down-to-earth motivational speaker

Monique tells stories that are relatable to any organization. Her practical, straightforward and conversational style enables participants to successfully navigate complex issues and chaotic environments that come with the territory of corporate leadership.

Her programs are educational, highly interactive and engaging. Participants are able to apply what they've learned to the real-life problems and challenges your organization is facing today. Monique can customize her talks to be motivational, inspirational, keynote, seminar or something particularly suited to your needs. Your audience will love the experience!

20/20 Talks

Give us 20 minutes and we will introduce, educate and provide takeaways for your 20 most challenging opportunities, questions and problems.

  1. Why Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is more important for succession planning than you think
    In this informative talk learn what EQ is, why it’s important and how your successor is more likely to succeed or fail because of it.
  2. Women’s confidence and leadership
    Learn why cultivating and focusing on women leaders is good for business and how they may be the key to successful succession for you and your business.
  3. Are you a boss or a leader?
    Discover the difference between the two, why the culture of the “The Boss” style has a long history in Western Pennsylvania and how to evolve into a leader so that you can reap the rewards.
  4. Are you communicating or just talking?
    Learn how to speak to be understood and effectively communicate your thoughts, ideas and directions. We will also cover some of the most common miscommunication mistakes.
  5. Multitasking is so yesterday: time management that works
    Learn time-tested techniques to help you focus, minimize distractions and be more productive.
  6. Master the art of difficult discussion
    We will cover tips and strategies for having difficult discussions and give you a 4-step model for handling these discussions more successfully.
  7. From geek to chic
    Learn to overcome social awkwardness, cultivate professional presence and learn to work and play well with others.
  8. Build better teams
    Learn the fundamentals of a great team and how to provide a structure to increase their contribution to your business’ success.
  9. Understanding your brain: information is power
    Learn how your brain works, how it may be holding you and your business back and the positive power of Neuroplasticity.
  10. Millennials: you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them
    We will discuss the unique challenges and benefits of working with Millennials and how your company can capitalize on their unique insight, energy and experience.
  11. Business etiquette: it’s not which fork you use
    Research consistently indicates relationships, customer service and experience are equally, if not more important, than price. Learn the top 10 most common etiquette mistakes and how to avoid them.
  12. Customer service: maybe the most important indicator of your business success
    Did you know 69% of customers leave a supplier because they are unhappy with the service they received and only 14% leave because of price? We will cover the 10 most common customer service mistakes and how to improve your customer service practices to keep the customers you have and lure your competitors’ customers away.
  13. Dealing with difficult people
    Learn how to create healthy patterns and reclaim your power by taking the spotlight off of yourself and others and putting it on the difficult person.
  14. What’s holding you back?
    Self-discovery is the key to positive sustainable change for you and your business. Discover how unexamined beliefs, unresolved issues and old patterns can be keeping you and your business from reaching your ultimate goals.
  15. Feeling crispy? How to avoid burnout
    Hear the case for prevention (stats, why it matters, and stress versus burnout), learn the signs, understand the sources and start your recovery.
  16. Want innovation? Get the janitor involved
    In today’s global and fast-paced changing economy, innovation is key to remaining relevant and keeping the lights on!  Learn the characteristics and practices that increase your chances of innovating.
  17. Become a better leader
    Never underestimate the power of leadership. Your business can boom or bust because of it. Learn the 7 signs that your leadership skills may need a “brush up”, the difference between transactional and transformational leadership and how to motivate your people (hint, it’s not just money).
  18. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and the successful business
    Research tells us that your ability to successfully lead your company is more about your EQ than it is your IQ. Learn what EQ is, why it matters, what the markers for high EQ are and some quick and easy techniques to get you on the path to higher Emotional Intelligence.
  19. Conflict gets a bad name
    Conflict is inevitable and can be a driver for positive change. Learn how to approach conflict in a positive manner, how to reframe the problem and minimize workplace conflict, tension, hostility and drama.
  20. Executive presence
    Learn how to project self-confidence, clarity, and creditability even when you are under pressure, stressed out and uncertain. We will outline the four key factors that drive executive presence and the specific actions that can make them work for you.

Book Coach Monique as the motivational speaker at your next event. Motivate your team with the tools they need for success!