Building A Solid Base

Building a Solid BaseThe Building a Solid Base program is designed for executives and business owners who want tools, techniques, strategies and education to help them become more effective and dynamic leaders. Key leadership areas targeted in this program can include: recognizing the importance of self-awareness, interpersonal skills, confidence, successful relationships, critical thinking and problem solving, effective communication, and stress management. Effectively mastering these skills can help you become more focused, productive and successful. 

The Building a Solid Base program consists of up to 4 in-person meetings (60–90 minutes in length) a month and unlimited phone, text and email support between sessions. The client sets the pace for the coaching engagement. The average length of the coaching engagement for the Building a Solid Base program is 6 months. Actual duration is dependent on the client’s goals, progress, and commitment level.


  • A Paradigm Shift
    Working with Coach Monique, a skilled and tenured coach, will help you change from one-way of thinking to another…creating shifts in problem solving, communication practices and the ability to see alternative possibilities. 

Increased Emotional Intelligence (EQ) will: 

  • Provide a Competitive Advantage
    Increased EQ better positions you to recognize and understand your emotions and the emotions of others. This skill will enable you to use and manage these emotions to work for you rather than against you. You, your employees and customers win! 
  • Improve Thinking Skills
    When EQ increases, it can help you to gain new perspectives on old difficulties and situations, therefore improving your problem solving and decision making abilities. Critical thinking can also help with your strategic planning capability and your ability to motivate others. 
  • Increase Self-Awareness and Personal Effectiveness
    No one sees himself or herself exactly as others see and perceive them. By increasing self-awareness, your personal and professional effectiveness naturally increases. 
  • Improve Professional Relationships
    Understanding what makes other people tick, and cultivating and sustaining positive and harmonious working relationships is a large part of EQ. Improving your EQ will enable you to interact and communicate with others more effectively and enhance your professional relationships. 
  • Minimize Negative Stressors and Anxiety
    Identifying positive and negative stressors helps distinguish what motivates us and what undermines success. When EQ is increased, it becomes easier to have our emotions work for us rather than against us. Negative stressors can include: stress, anxiety and even anger. 
  • Enhance Your Professional Image
    Make expertise your specialty, dress the part and build awareness of how you are perceived by others.

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