The Power of One

The Power of OneCreate a positive change in your business

The Power Of One program is designed for the individual who has one issue that prevents them from experiencing continued success or moving on to the next level. Some examples can include: procrastination, micromanaging, anger issues, poor communication skills, under-developed interpersonal skills, or lack of appropriate accountability. Using the Power Of One program, we help the executive to: 

  1. Recognize the connection between behavior and its unintended outcomes 
  2. Stop undesired behavior 
  3. Replace undesired behavior with supportive, effective leadership behavior 
  4. Restore goodwill that has been jeopardized or lost 

The Power Of One program consists of up to 4 in-person meetings (60–90 minutes in length) a month and unlimited phone, text and email support between sessions. The client sets the pace for the coaching engagement. The average length of the coaching engagement for the Power Of One program is 3 months. Actual duration is dependent on the client’s goals, progress, and commitment level.


Change in the behavior

  • Recognize the connection between negative behavior and its unintended business or personal outcomes 
    Sometimes a particular behavior has served as a positive, but taken to extreme, it has become a negative. Perhaps circumstances have changed, and now that particular behavior is negatively impacting your goals, career, business or personal success. 
  • Stop the undesired behavior 
  • Replace the problem behavior with a supportive and effective behavior(s) 
    Nature abhors a vacuum. In order to increase the likelihood of successful change, positive habits or behaviors need to be implemented to replace the unwanted habits or behaviors. 

Guidance to restore any goodwill  that was jeapordized or lost

  • Make amends, if necessary or desirable 
    If behaviors have negatively impacted others, it can be a powerful way to restore trust, repair reputations and clear the path for moving toward positive change. This process moves you and your business forward.


  • Having straightforward, objective and high-level culpability
    Changing behaviors means creating new habits or practices. The likelihood of success is dramatically increased when there is objective third-party accountability. 

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