Kick It Into High Gear

Kick It Into High GearThe Kick It Into High Gear program blends together your career and personal goals helping you to achieve your best outcomes. This comprehensive accountability program is designed for the “take no hostages” individual who will do what it takes to achieve their goals. Perhaps it is the next big promotion, taking your company or brand to the next level or if you are starting over and aren’t afraid to do what it takes to be successful. Do you have what it takes to kick it up and reach for the stars? 

The Kick It Into High Gear program consists of up to 4 in-person meetings (60–90 minutes in length) a month and unlimited phone, text and email support between sessions. The client sets the pace for the coaching engagement. The average length of the coaching engagement with the Kick It Into High Gear program is 12 months. Actual duration is dependent on the client’s goals, progress, and commitment level.


  • A paradigm shift
    Discover an alternative thought process allowing you to learn new ways of problem solving, communication practices and the ability to see new possibilities. 
  • Hard results
    Greater productivity, faster promotions, more money and bigger profits. 
  • Faster action
    Advancing things faster and with greater precision. 
  • Awareness of blind spots
    See and hear perspectives and beliefs that have held you back. 
  • Deeper learning 
    Discover more about yourself, how you are perceived by others and where you can improve. 
  • Guidance, support and third-party objectivity 
    It can be very valuable to have an objective listener to help you talk through problems, gain perspective and find solutions. Fresh eyes from an unbiased outsider can help peel away the layers to discover what is really causing the problem. 
  • An action plan to regain clarity, purpose and direction 
    If you have gotten into a rut, are returning to the workforce or need an insurgence of fresh energy to tackle a new opportunity. Step into the next best version of yourself and move forward boldly.

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