Open Coaching Day

The Open Coaching Day program is scheduled on-site and is an innovative versatile way to provide a mix of executive and life coaching services to your leaders, managers and employees. Open coaching programs are regularly used by companies such as Apple, Google, and Zappos. Employees report a boost in morale and job satisfaction when employers make the investment in this type of programming.

The program can have “lunch and learn” style group trainings combined with the open coaching format to meet targeted needs. The Open Coaching Day program is particularly valuable for companies who have already used Coach Monique & Associates’ executive coaching and employee training and development programs.


  • Empowers individuals and encourages personal responsibility 
  • Provides easy access for employees to receive high quality, convenient and cost-effective training for stress, anxiety and worry management 
  • Uncommon tools, techniques and strategies for many of common business problems
    (For example: communication and procrastination / time management issues, problems dealing with difficult people and business etiquette support) 
  • Provides quick and easy solutions for many of life’s common problems that can interfere with work
    (life coaching services, resources and recommendations) 
  • Helps identify solutions to problems 
  • Improves individual performance 
  • Increases happiness and engagement among staff, managers and executives 
  • Provides confidence training 
  • Improves employee absenteeism and retention 
  • Support for overcoming costly and time-consuming employee performance problems 
  • Helps to motivate and reinvigorate longer serving employees 
  • Leads to improved job performance, motivation and job satisfaction 
  • Makes employees feel valued and builds loyalty

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