Team Building & Employee Development

Emotional Intelligence-based training for the workplace

Team Buildilng

Do you see these traits in the teams that you manage?

  • Lack of inspiration
  • Feelings of disengagement
  • Lack of empowerment
  • Feelings of abandonment
  • A problem team member is the de facto leader

Improving situations like these requires changes in behavior. However, leaders tend to rely on logic to compel their staff to behave differently; often with with frustrating results. People will only embrace change when you create a compelling emotional reason for them to do so. They also need a clear pathway in order to proceed in the right direction.

How does team building help?

Clients report that Coach Monique’s tools, techniques and strategies have helped to:

  • Reduce tension, hostility and workplace drama
  • Energize and retain key employees
  • Create paths for positive communication
  • Increase productivity
  • Decrease absenteeism

Healthy, well-managed conflict can be an energizing force behind positive and sustainable change. The challenge of conflict is to be constructive, solution-oriented and have set established boundaries for expressing it. Coach Monique can provide your employees with the training and encouragement they need to build an effective team environment. Her practical, straightforward and conversational style makes the training easy to embrace and easy to apply for your real world situations.

Coach Monique's team building and employee development programs are based on the client’s needs. The practice offers full-day programs, retreats, and multi-week programs in the Pittsburgh area, throughout western Pennsylvania and the tri-state area. Motivational speaking engagements are also available. All programs are designed to be action-oriented, results-driven, high-energy, insightful and fun. Your employees will actually want to attend!

This training is an investment that rewards your company, your employees, your customers, and you. Employees report a boost in morale and job satisfaction when employers make the investment in this type of programming. The result can be an environment where your employees enjoy and find meaning in their work; which improves retention, overall satisfaction and benefits your bottom line.

Big Businesses Who Invest in Employees' Emotional Intelligence

When American Express introduced EQ training to a select group of its sales force responsible for selling life insurance, the sales for that group was 20% higher than for their counterparts who did not receive the training.

When L`Oreal Cosmetics France began selecting its sales agents for specific markers of EQ, those agents outsold their counterparts by over $90,000 a year, resulting in a new revenue increase to L’Oreal of about $2.5 million the first year.

The United States Air Force was able to realize a savings of over $3 million dollars to the federal government when it began using EQ assessment tools in its selection process for recruiters. What they found is that recruiters who had high emotional intelligence had three times more success in recruiting new military personnel than the recruiters that were not hired for their EQ.

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