Executive Coaching

  • Coach Monique is a very engaging person and an amazing professional motivator. I am very thankful to have worked with her and now have a new perspective on leadership practices, decision making and even personal health. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to better their professional career or personal lives. Thanks again Coach Monique!

    Neil Goss

    Goss, Inc.
  • I highly recommend Coach Monique. I engaged her for a matter that involved both professional and life coaching and walked away with great perspective, as well as some exceptional Coach Monique tools and techniques that I now use each day. I highly recommend Monique—she is a skilled coach with a personable manner that makes working with her stimulating, educational and pleasurable. She truly "gets" the executive mindset and the challenges executives face—both inside and out of the workplace.

    Amy Kerr Parker

    Mazur Kraemer Business Law
  • I have met with Monique a number of times as my Executive Coach. She provided me with additional skills that I was able to implement on my job as Executive Director. In addition, she would prepare each session based on what took place the session before which therefore maintained its relevancy for me. I found the sessions stimulating and helpful—the time would fly by. I would highly recommend Coach Monique as an executive coach to any executive who is motivated and open to improving his/her skills as an executive. I have been an executive for many years and still learned a lot from Coach Monique.

    Steve Bram

    Executive Director, Rodef Shalom
  • I really found my time with Coach Monique to be valuable. She has a process that guided me to a number of ah-ha moments regarding how I handle certain situations. I came out of my sessions with her feeling more in control and confident and now I’ll take this confidence with me wherever I go! Thank you Coach Monique.

    Todd Rosenfeld

    Northwestern Mutual

Life Coaching

  • Coach Monique is inspiring! This program was a positively life changing jump start for me. I will be a better person and "work in progress".

    Nancy K.

  • I truly enjoyed the whole program! First, I found myself extremely comfortable because Coach Monique was sincere and engaging. I was presented with material that helped explain my emotions and think about my emotions throughout the day.

    Jennifer I.

  • Before starting this program I was trying to find some way to minimize my stress. Through this program I have learned to calm myself and realize the positive aspects of my life.

    Carol F.

  • This program was VERY easy to learn and absolutely relevant in my everyday life. The techniques and methods I learned were easy to implement and produced positive results!

    Joy C.

  • The pacing of this program was very comfortable overall; additionally I liked the variety of techniques offered over the four weeks. I wish I encountered it sooner!

    Holly N.

  • I will be referring individuals to this program! It was very informative and helpful. It was just what I needed at this time in my life when I felt lost and uncertain of myself. I learned so many great and simple tools to relieve stress, relax and enjoy life! Life is short and we need to enjoy it!

    Robin N.

  • This was the most educational and informative program I have ever taken. I will definitely pass this experience on to others. Thank you! Never too old to learn!

    Sally B.

  • This program was very interesting and made me think about things I've never thought about. I loved it! Thank you!

    Christine L.

RTT Hypnotherapy

  • I went through a hypnotherapy session with Coach Monique this week to help me with some anxiety issues I have. Coach Monique was very professional and I feel like she really helped me. I look forward to listening to my recording for the rest of my 21 days and anticipate good results!

    Jarrett Mazza

  • I went through a rapid transformation hypnotherapy session with Monique a couple days ago. It was one of the most transformative experiences I have ever gone through. My anxiety, and please know I come from a long line of anxious people, is gone. If you are suffering with this, I strongly suggest you consider doing this with her. It was life-changing for me. Life. Changing.

    Meghan Bailey Clark

  • After my session with Monique's RTT Hypnotherapy I felt so free from my struggle with binge eating. It was like we flipped a switch in my brain somehow. I started to eat normally and felt totally relaxed around food. I haven't felt like that in years. Plus my morning exercise routine was so much easier to do and my sleep improved dramatically. I'm amazed and extremely happy.

    Christine Magnarelli

  • Monique gave me a hypnotherapy session which was really effective. I have some health issues and she gave me the MPM Healing Vortex treatment. So far I hardly need my reading glasses anymore and I sleep better. I will continue to listen to my recording for the 21 days and feel excited to notice what other things will improve.

    Monique knew exactly what to say in my recording to make it a personal fit to me. I highly recommend her.

    Geeta Rutherford-van Der Vliet

  • This morning I had an amazing hypnotherapy session with Coach Monique which I feel was extremely effective! I’ve struggled with weight issues and overeating for most of my life. If it wasn’t for my session today, I would have never realized exactly WHY I’ve always struggled with this problem. I feel like I have the tools and the mindset now to actually make a change. I left my session feeling refreshed and ready to make better decisions for myself. I cannot wait to see how far this therapy will take me! I’d highly recommend this therapy and Coach Monique to anybody who is struggling with something!!

    Jennifer Marie Mazza

  • I saw Coach Monique 2 weeks ago. It was an amazing experience. I have been trying unsuccessfully to diet until now. During my Rapid Transformation Hypnotherapy session some deep seeded issues came forward and were addressed and dealt with. As a result I have not had the cravings I did before and I have been able to avoid the "bad" foods and stick to healthy, natural clean eating. For example today I ate my hard boiled egg right beside a big box of donuts at work. The donuts just didn't interest me! I also wanted to drink more water. Before I would drink enough water to take my pills and that was it all day. Now I am drinking 3+ bottles of water a day! I highly recommend seeing her for anything you want to change in your life. She is truly a miracle worker!

    Jane Orluske

  • I decided to give Coach Monique’s Rapid Transformation Therapy Hypnotherapy a try about 2 weeks ago, and all I have to say is WOW!

    I’m an incredibly introspective person...I spend a lot of time soul searching, and I still can't believe that I didn't pick up on this until going through the hypnotherapy session!

    Over the years, I often found myself in situations where most people would’ve been furious. But instead of being angry, I was confused. Why does she do that? Why did he say this? How could this have happened? So on and so on. It wasn’t that I was shocked, I just couldn’t understand their behavior. I never got mad...and I deserved to be mad!

    It was exhausting and I just couldn’t keep going like that.

    It wasn’t until my Rapid Transformation Therapy Hypnotherapy session with Coach Monique that I understood that this was even a huge problem, let alone WHY I felt more more safe and comfortable being confused rather than angry. Now I have even more knowledge about myself that makes me feel empowered. I know what my go-to defense mechanism is, but more importantly, I feel that I finally have the tools and mindset to make permanent, life-altering changes.

    I have already recommended it to my closet friends. In fact, a few of them are anxiously awaiting their appointments.

    Ashley Showers