Coach Monique first began using meditation, relaxation training, and thought awareness exercises for her own personal use 15 years ago. Because it had such a positive effect on her day-to-day life, she became trained to teach others.


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4 Universal Reasons People Suffer

Do you ever feel like something is slowing you down your career? Do you feel like your leadership has stalled, yet you don’t know how to recharge it? There are 4 Universal Reasons People Suffer, one of which might be holding you back in life. In addition to affecting your career, your suffering could be […]

reasons people suffer

Anxiety, Motivation, Negativity, Personal Development

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Anxiety + Depression

Anxiety Disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults each year.  Anxiety Disorders are relatively easy to overcome, yet 36.9 percent of those suffering get help.   At times, everyone has feelings of anxiety or depression because of their circumstances.  When feelings or signs of anxiety and depression linger, that’s […]


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