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I know my work changes lives because it changed my life. Today my life is full of happiness, loving relationships, and success in the areas that are important to me. I get to help people the way I was helped.

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Why Stretch Goals are Important

Why Stretch Goals are Important in Your Career What are stretch goals and why are they important? The definition of a stretch goal is “a deliberately challenging or ambitious aim or objective.” Although this may sound intimidating, stretch goals play an essential part in growth, personal development, and high-achievement in your career. As a high-level […]


Technical leadership: Understanding & managing technical teams

“Managing difficult people isn’t just a challenge, it’s a necessary skill if you want your team to succeed” Let’s face it, technology teams are known for personality diversity and technology professionals, more often than not, have high levels of expertise that can be hard to manage and even harder to replace and the combination of […]


Understanding and Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Im·pos·ter Syn·drome (noun) 1. The persistent inability to believe that one’s success is deserved or has been legitimately achieved as a result of one’s own efforts or skills. What is Imposter Syndrome?  Imposter Syndrome is the belief that you are not as good as what other people think you are. Common “red flags” are the […]


Why Hire a Female Executive Coach?

From overcoming implicit biases, to battling more pervasive issues such as discrimination and gender inequality, there are many reasons to consider hiring accomplished female executive coaches. With the fresh perspective, shared experience, and added diversity that they bring to the table, female executive coaches can be the key to Unlocking Bold Change™ on both an […]


7 Key Traits of Outstanding Executive Coaches

Like athletes, business leaders and CEOs need coaches to be successful. When you reach a certain level in your career, objective insight is hard to come by, and fewer people are willing to give you their feedback. However, executives can leverage constructive observations given by executive coaches to learn and grow in their roles. Especially […]


7 Ways Executive Coaching Can Help Your Company

life coaching picture

Many executives today are looking for new ways to enhance and manage their business. If you or your business are interested in learning about the benefits of executive coaching, there are many programs to choose from. The first step is to find one that fits your needs, personality, and goals. One benefit of executive coaching […]


Anxiety in the Workplace

executive anxiety at work

If you are an anxious person, then this situation would seem familiar: you are at work, concentrating only on your work, when suddenly anxiety begins to creep into your consciousness. Whether you are worrying about something major, such as a looming deadline, or simply have a vague sense of fear, you may be saying to […]


Executive Coach – 8 Reasons Why You Should Work with one in 2020

female executive coach

In recent years, executive coaching has grown from being a practice perceived with curious skepticism to a billion-dollar industry. Many of the world’s biggest companies including Google and Goldman Sachs invest in an executive coach for their upper management. But despite its rising popularity, there are still many people in leadership positions who are unfamiliar […]


Geek to Chic

Do you need to become more self-aware? Do you have social anxiety? Do you struggle to “fit in?” My Geek to Chic™ program is for professionals who feel alone when they are in a crowd, struggle to connect and have a desire to learn a better way to work with others.  If so, this program […]