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I know my work changes lives because it changed my life. Today my life is full of happiness, loving relationships, and success in the areas that are important to me. I get to help people the way I was helped.

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What is RTT therapy, and is it right for you?

For many people, the concept of hypnotherapy might seem unconventional or intimidating. The use of hypnotherapy and hypnosis for medical or emotional conditions is largely considered a new-age treatment, but the practice has actually been around for thousands of years. In fact, there’s evidence to suggest that hypnosis has existed since the beginning of recorded […]


4 Universal Reasons People Suffer

reasons people suffer

Do you ever feel like something is slowing you down your career? Do you feel like your leadership has stalled, yet you don’t know how to recharge it? There are 4 Universal Reasons People Suffer, one of which might be holding you back in life. In addition to affecting your career, your suffering could be […]


Investing In Yourself Today Matters

Research shows that investing in experiences, rather than material items, leads to more fulfillment and happiness. Investing in yourself for your own development helps you to learn and to grow. The natural consequence of these things is increased success in the areas that are important to you. It might not be the new year yet, […]


How To Empower Your Employees

Let’s face it. The working world is changing. More and more jobs are becoming remote, but outside of that, the structure of the workday is also changing and becoming more fluid. Along with these changes come challenges for those in leadership positions. How do you, as a leader, adapt to the changing workforce? Furthermore, how […]


It’s Time to Start Forgiving Yourself

We learn from a young age to say sorry to the people we’ve hurt or have been unkind to, but when did we learn to say sorry to and forgive ourselves? The focus has always been on others, and rarely on yourself. To be honest, you are the most important person in your life, so […]


Three Things You Can Do To Not Clam Up, But Instead Voice Your Honest Opinion

It can be scary to speak up and voice your opinion. Whether the context is within a relationship or at your place of employment, it is a valuable communication skill to be able to voice your honest opinion when done in a respectful manner. Often times we have a fear of voicing our concerns and […]


Three Sweet but Healthy Things You Can Do For Yourself

Most of us are still in the New Year mindset, which is good. Working out at the gym isn’t so torturous anymore and eating clean probably has helped you drop a few pounds, but sometimes going straight turkey when it comes to implementing good habits can make you reminisce about your old vices. This is […]


National Bubble Wrap Day: Three Things You Can Do To Break Out of Your Bubble Wrap and Instead Be Bold

It can be difficult to see oneself as bold or courageous when stuck in routine, right? Being in the cycle of work, exercise and sleep can seem quite underwhelming. Well, here’s a tiny secret for you all. You may not see it, probably don’t even consider it, but each day that you wake up to […]


National Hugging Day: Three Things You Can Do To Improve Your Relationship

A lot of times when we talk about improving a relationship, it’s automatically assumed we’re speaking about romantic ones. Well, not in this article.