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Coach Monique first began using meditation, relaxation training, and thought awareness exercises for her own personal use 15 years ago. Because it had such a positive effect on her day-to-day life, she became trained to teach others.


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National Hangover Day: Three Things You Can Do Today to Feel Better About Your Life

Let’s face it. This time of the year we are confronted with advertisements focusing on diet pills and hefty weight loss commitments for summer, and it can be very intimidating. Let’s not even breach the subject of packed gyms filled with regulars who make you feel terrible for walking that second half of what was […]


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Willful blindness: 5 reasons why it’s important to get your head out of the sand

Willful blindness. It’s actually a legal term that means, you should have known, but refused to know. Think of the legal analyst and top-level executives involved in the Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme. This is an example of widespread institutional and a governing bodies’ willful blindness. But we all engage in willful blindness to some degree […]


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To-Do Lists

Given the nearly constant bombardment of negative media messages, the challenging economy and the ever growing to-do lists. Many people feel as if they are living in a pressure cooker or like they are spinning their wheels, but going nowhere. Consider, often there is very little we can do about what is going on around […]


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