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Coach Monique first began using meditation, relaxation training, and thought awareness exercises for her own personal use 15 years ago. Because it had such a positive effect on her day-to-day life, she became trained to teach others.


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How Does A Life Coach Help You?

What exactly is Life Coaching? It is a coaching process that allows you to become more in control of your life, your emotions, health and well-being. A well-trained life coach is someone who professionally trained to assist you to develop an actionable plan for achieving your goals. Life coaching differs from advising, counseling, consulting, mentoring, […]

life coach vs therapist

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How Your Choices Can Help You Unlock Bold Change™

Everywhere, every day, every one of us is making choices. Choices are constant so it’s easy to forget we are making them. All of us, but some of us more than others, struggle with choices because they inevitably mean loss as well. For every door we open, we are closing another, and we fear the […]

How Your Choices Can Help You Unlock Bold Change™

Personal Development

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Imposter Syndrome Only Affects the Successful

Im·pos·ter Syn·drome (noun) 1. The persistent inability to believe that one’s success is deserved or has been legitimately achieved as a result of one’s own efforts or skills.   Imposter Syndrome is the belief that you are not as good as what other people think you are. Common “red flags” are the incessant belief that […]

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Introducing My Online Shop… The Vault!

Two weeks ago, I launched my online shop, The Vault, featuring my brand new digital programs. To date, I have four programs available that cover: anxiety + depression, relationship issues, stress + lifestyle, and confidence + image. I’m offering you the chance to Unlock Bold Change™ in your life and start living your best life. Join […]

A photo of Monique and the title of my new online shop, the vault.

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4 Universal Reasons People Suffer

Do you ever feel like something is slowing you down your career? Do you feel like your leadership has stalled, yet you don’t know how to recharge it? There are 4 Universal Reasons People Suffer, one of which might be holding you back in life. In addition to affecting your career, your suffering could be […]

reasons people suffer

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Benefits of Guided Meditation

The use of meditation as a daily self-care task is on the rise, but how do you learn to meditate? If you’re a beginner when it comes to meditation, the best place to start is probably with a guided meditation session. Guided meditation is a meditation session led by a coach or teacher that is […]

benefits of guided meditation

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Life Coach or Therapist: Which Is For You?

Over the years, you may have heard the term ‘life coach’ and ‘therapist’ used interchangeably. There are actually significant differences between the two. But, how do you know which route is the right one for you? Read on as we take a look at the major differences between a life coach and a therapist. Focusing […]

life coach or therapist

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How I Can Help You Unlock Bold Change™

People come to life coaches for a myriad of reasons. You may have read up on all of the different life coaches services available to you. With so many life coaches available today, it can be difficult to sort through and find the right life coach for you. If you’re here, I commend you on […]

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Investing In Yourself Today Matters

Research shows that investing in experiences, rather than material items, leads to more fulfillment and happiness. Investing in yourself for your own development helps you to learn and to grow. The natural consequence of these things is increased success in the areas that are important to you. It might not be the new year yet, […]

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Set Yourself Up For Success This Holiday Season

Thanksgiving has come and passed, but the stress of the holidays is certainly still upon us. Amidst the hustle and bustle of preparing your home, packing for travel, shopping for gifts, it’s important to remember the reason for the season: to have fun and to celebrate. Set yourself up for success this holiday season. Here […]

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