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M.E.L.D is an exclusive program that will connect you with likeminded women, help you gain new skills & confidence, and more! 


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Coaching for IT Professionals 

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Coaching for IT Professionals 

Leadership Coaching for IT Teams

Career Coaching for Women in IT

Executive Coaching for Individual IT Professionals

3 programs tailored to IT professionals:

Overcome problem behaviors
Break through blocks to your success
Develop your skills to advance your career
Improve influence to gain more respect
Take back your work/life balance

Overarching Benefits for all programs

Don't do this alone

Whether you're in IT or not, leading a team, or leading a team in IT, you don't have to do this alone. We want you to experience the same freedom that our clients have experienced. 

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“Learning and teaching people skills to analytical minds is one of the biggest challenges an IT leader can face—YOU DON’T HAVE TO FEND FOR YOURSELF.”

The problem:
Most IT leaders are highly technical and have been tasked with managing analytical teams—whose biggest struggles often lie with underdeveloped people skills. 

The Impact:
Underdeveloped people skills, whether at the individual or team level, often lead to various forms of dysfunction and can cause:
   •   Lost productivity and missed deadlines
   •   Team conflict and high stress levels
   •   Low collaboration and lost innovation
   •   Ineffective communication and passive aggressive behavior

What it is:
This program is designed to increase individual emotional intelligence and gain the confidence and tools needed to lead and coach IT teams. 

What is leadership coaching and why is it beneficial? 

Leadership Coaching for IT Teams

“Self-awareness and emotional intelligence do not come naturally to analytical and technical minds. Learning these skills is not a solo sport and requires feedback to get the best results—YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE YOUR OWN SOUNDING BOARD.”

The problem:
Many IT professionals who excel at analytical and technical tasks, were never taught a process for developing self-awareness and emotional intelligence to solve people-related problems.

The Impact:
Underdeveloped self-awareness and people skills at the individual level create both personal and professional challenges including:
   •   Poor time management and missing important dates/deadlines
   •   Trouble developing and sustaining important relationships
   •   Stress and anxiety related to social connections and missed opportunities
   •   Self-confidence issues and feeling like you get more or less credit than you deserve

What it is:
This program is designed to increase individual emotional intelligence and gain the confidence and tools needed to lead and coach IT teams. 

Executive Coaching for Individual IT Professionals

“Navigating career advancement opportunities is particularly challenging for underrepresented individuals. There is an art to being assertive and increasing connectiveness to achieve your goals. YOU DON’T HAVE TO GO IT ALONE.”

The problem:  
It’s well-documented that women are underrepresented in technology—unfortunately this can create isolation and stunted career growth, as the numbers get worse with higher-level roles.

The impact:
Limited diversity in tech poses real challenges for women both personally and professionally in many ways including:
   •   Isolation and thoughts of being misunderstood
   •   Reduced opportunities for promotions linked to unconscious bias 
   •   Trouble finding your voice among groups of predominantly male colleagues
   •   Self-doubt and limited mentors to help with career development

What it is:
This program is designed to help women have a stronger voice in male-dominated groups, increase confidence and learn tools to self-advocate and ultimately feel more included to achieve personal and professional goals. 

Career Coaching for Women In IT

Typical Results

Our clients typically begin to see results after their first or second session. Our innovative, Brain-Science approach helps clients to gain awareness around the root cause of their issues and provide the easy to learn, easy to use, immediately relevant tools, techniques and solutions to overcome their biggest challenges and begin to set them up for success. Many clients report that they begin to get positive feedback from friends, family members, or co-workers early in their coaching program

Coaching simply allows you to grow faster by leveraging the guidance of an expert with the perspective, experience and know-how to breakthrough your limiting beliefs and propel you forward into the life you want.

"Working with Coach Monique helped me to recognize the subtle ways a couple of "problem" team members were undermining us, resulting in work having to be redone and missing some important target goals. Once I understood the problem, working with Monique, I was able to do something about it and that changed the team. While we did end up losing two team members, the other 4 really stepped up and the two new ones turned out to be perfect fits. The unexpected consequence was, as I became a better leader, my own quality of life improved not just at work, but at home."

- Jason
Software Engineer at Uber

Results from our IT Leaders

"As a woman in IT, I loved my work, but mostly didn't enjoy the circumstances and I knew I wasn't getting the opportunities I needed to advance in my career. Coach Monique helped me to build confidence, find my voice, set boundaries, develop my own brand, and advocate for myself resulting in two opportunities in less than 18 months. It was the best investment I have ever made."

- Diedra
Machine Learning Engineer at Salesforce

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