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Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Take your career to the next level and invest in leadership coaching for results. Supercharge your leadership strengths for success. Our clients typically begin to see results within the first or second session.

Leadership Coaching Results

Developing the leader

Building confidence in leadership (Only 33% of leaders feel confident in their decisions making abilities)


Applying inspirational leadership skills and motivational skills for leadership


Building leadership skills that develops their talent and gifts


Understanding and overcoming negative leadership behavior

Dismantling and shifting societal norms


Overcoming leadership bias they have against themselves and others so they can move forward


Managing different perspectives and valuing diverse experiences


Developing tools for lasting results... Implementing an effective change management strategy to build great leadership teams without the added stress and lost time

Conquering imposter syndrome permanently


Balancing authority with empowerment


Differentiating between the “boss model” and leadership model


Recognizing the difference between traditional leadership and other positive leadership models


Managing conflict as a leader in a way that allows for more collaboration, innovation and “out of the box” thinking.


Countless elite leaders like Bill Gates, Serena Williams and Oprah Winfrey have worked with an executive coach. 

All of Coach Monique's Leadership & Executive Coaching programs are based in Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Brain-Science, The Science of Well-Being, and the Psychology Of Happiness. Lots of experts and programs tell you what to do. She'll give you proven trademarked tools, techniques, and leadership coaching solutions to actually do it.

Utilizing an Emotional Intelligence Profile, Conceptual Model For Change, GE Executive Assessment, and her A→B→CC Conceptual Model™ as part of her strategically-proven coaching tools, Coach Monique’s clients drive innovation for their teams, increase productivity and profitability. She coaches clients to discover their untapped leadership potential to become high-performing business leaders and executives.

Coaching helped them succeed; why not you?

Team Coaching 

Behavior is driven by thoughts, beliefs, expectations, and the interpretations of past experiences. 

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Coaching for IT Professionals

Teaching people skills to analytical minds is one of the biggest challenges an IT leader can face. You don't have to fend for yourself.

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Other Professions

Coach Monique also serves a variety of other industries including but not limited to:

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Financial Services, Insurance Services, Engineering Services, Manufacturing, Energy,
Real Estate, Construction Management, and Medicine

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Weekly Coaching Sessions
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Unlimited Phone, Text, and Email Support between Sessions

Some of our leadership coaching tools

How Coaching On Demand Works

We all need a little extra support during those times of anxiety or confirmation. Get the guidance, support and suggestions in real time that you need with coaching on demand. A therapist might not be able to answer your call but a coach will. 

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The Fine Print:  All coaching programs are fully customizable to fit your needs. Payment plans are available, and you may cancel at any time to receive a refund for the remaining balance of sessions.