Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

"Once you have confidence, your life changes."

- coach monique

Invest in your own development 

+ Increased self-awareness
+ Higher levels of Emotional Intelligence
+ Well-developed interpersonal skills
+ An increased sense of confidence
+ Having identified their blocks and broken through them
+ Being more resilient
+ Increase ability to self-regulate their emotions
+ An increased ability to leverage their existing strengths 
+ Stronger leadership skills

Take a break from the daily pressures. Invest in your own development to gain perspective of where you are and where you are going. Uncover and correct the habits or coping strategies that are undermining your success. With third-party support and objectivity, examine your competence, teamwork and leadership insecurities and brilliance as you learn, grow and Unlock Bold Change™ in your career.

My program creates change

I will work with you to help you become a better leader by expanding the areas where you have existing strengths and to improve the areas where you may have weakness.

Let me help you be a better leader.

Executive Coaching Programs


Family Business Coaching

Team Building

Get Your Mojo Back

All new leaders and their teams have a learning curve. This program accelerates that learning curve by as much as six months through team participation, shared experiences and insights, and group learning. This program leads to shared understanding and self-actualization for all participants, and ultimately increases success and support for the new leader and his or her team(s) that Unlocks Bold Change(s)™ for the organizations they serve. 

When the workforce is family, where do you draw the line? This is the most common challenge with even the most successful family-owned businesses. When it comes to a family business, it’s imperative to be aware of relationships. Because the person you’re clashing with about daily operations can very well be the person passing you the turkey on Thanksgiving. Generational patterns develop early and the problem with a family business is it can negatively impact every area of your life. 

Make change in your organization. The team building and coaching program brings department leads together to improve overall productivity.

The Get Your Mojo Back program is designed for the individual whose career has become stagnant, who is re-entering the workforce, who wants to change career focus, or who has experienced a setback and needs a boost.

Geek to Chic™

Do you need to become more self-aware? Do you have social anxiety? My Geek to Chic™ program is for professionals who feel alone when they are in a crowd, struggle to connect and have a desire to learn better ways to work with others.

Women's Leadership

While women face unique challenges in leadership, senior management, and C-level positions, they also add unique value and perspective. They shatter groupthink, improve communication dynamics, and reinvigorate their cultures and companies in ways that make them more competitive. Research shows that companies with a critical mass of top-team gender diversity enjoy significantly better financial performance.

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Pain, unhappiness and suffering are temporary, let me help you.

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