•  How to respond to the negative, nagging voice in your head
•  How to identify and master the thoughts and beliefs that sabotage your goals
•  How to quickly shift your body, mind, and energy to a positive place
•  Guidelines to communicate in ways that build lasting relationships
•  Quick techniques to build your confidence just when you need it

What's included in this book?

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Diane Scabilloni

"She is an amazing listener and can get right to the "heart of a concern" and identify successful solutions incredibly quickly. Her calm and friendly approach makes it easy to feel comfortable discussing significant and personal issues. I have recommended Coach Monique to my friends and colleagues and I will continue to do so."

What my clients say

Certified Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Life Coach, Monique is a sought after one-on-one coach, group instructor and trainer for companies that want to improve the EQ of their workforce.

Having worked her way through a dark past, including a difficult upbringing, learning disabilities, an undiagnosed seizure disorder and two failed marriages, Monique has the personal experience to back-up her extensive training in personal growth, emotional intelligence, and innovation. Monique is the ideal guide for your journey toward sustainable change.


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