Coach Monique first began using meditation, relaxation training, and thought awareness exercises for her own personal use 15 years ago. Because it had such a positive effect on her day-to-day life, she became trained to teach others.


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Do you need to become more self-aware? Do you have social anxiety? Do you struggle to “fit in?” My Geek to Chic™ program is for professionals who feel alone when they are in a crowd, struggle to connect and have a desire to learn a better way to work with others.

 If so, this program is for you. In our time together we will tune into your needs and focus on the This program is for those professionals who feel alone when they’re in a crowd and struggle to connect.   

Or one of these other significant signals below:   

  • Do you need to become more self-aware?
  • Do you have social anxiety?
  • Do your confidence issues hold you back?
  • Do you feel awkward when trying to meet new people, form new relationships, or strengthen your existing ones?
  • Is communicating your ideas, needs, and wants difficult for you?
  • Do you struggle to “fit in?”
  • Does your executive presence need work?
  • Do you feel like life is harder for you than it is for other people?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, call today to find out how you can Unlock Bold Change™ and enjoy rapid results in your life and career.

Our “Geek To Sheek™” Clients Will:

  • Boost their confidence level
  • Overcome their anxiety
  • Create better communication skills 
  • Dramatically improve their self-awareness, social awareness, and social skills
  • Positively shift how they see and talk about themselves
  • Command a stronger executive presence