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Team Coaching 

Leadership Team Coaching 

Behavior is driven by thoughts, beliefs, expectations, and the interpretations of past experiences. 

That is why it is essential for teams to understand why team coaching needs to be important to them personally. In order to make permanent change, whether it is overcoming issues, obstacles, or reaching “stretch goals,” individual and group thinking need to be addressed.

Underdeveloped people skills at the team level often lead to various forms of dysfunction and can cause:

Lost productivity and missed deadlines
Team conflict and high stress levels
Low collaboration and lost innovation
Ineffective communication and passive-aggressive behavior

Team Coaching for the Executives

Leadership coaching for technical teams

Teaching people skills to analytical minds is one of the biggest challenges an IT leader can face. You don't have to fend for yourself.


The foundation of our team coaching is based in addressing the current mindset of the team and recognizing where it is working, where it needs to be updated, and creating the opportunities to be successful. As individuals begin to see themselves as part of a cohesive team with shared experiences, goals, and challenges, team leadership development and training will take hold. Some of the positive outcomes of team coaching for employees are:

Being open by demonstrating self-awareness
Cultivating innovation for self and others
Building confidence to make decisions
Evolving as an action-oriented team member
Becoming resilient
Communicating effectively

Team Leadership Coaching 

Coach Monique’s coaching leadership style

The oldest and still most effective form of communication and education is through storytelling and experiences. Using Emotional Intelligence Training, Brain-Science, and The Psychology of Happiness, we will incorporate those areas of expertise to deliver group training and coaching as well as targeted individual coaching.


What is Concierge Level Coaching

We all need a little extra support during those times of anxiety or confirmation. Get the guidance, support and suggestions in real time that you need. A therapist might not be able to answer the call but a coach will. 

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The Fine Print:  All coaching programs are fully customizable to fit your needs. Payment plans are available, and you may cancel at any time to receive a refund for the remaining balance of sessions.