Life Coaching

Life Coaching

"Whatever you believe about yourself, becomes your reality"


Pain, unhappiness and suffering are temporary, let me help you.

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Ask Yourself

+ Have you been dealing with your problems for so long  you don’t even remember a life without them? 
+ Are you struggling with life issues, such as anxiety, depression, stress, relationship challenges, lack of self-worth, being victimized by your past, or feeling stuck?  
+ Have you had therapy or are you currently in therapy, but not getting the results you need?
+ Are you a high-achiever in almost every area of your life, but one or two? 
+ Do you have that “hot-mess area” in your life that is totally out of control...has it always been a consistent problem that you’ve never been able to fix? 
+ Are you ready to make changes but don’t know how to do it? 


Overcoming your struggles, breaking through your blocks, and being empowered and confident to face your challenges head on.

Waking up every day and being free to enjoy your life.

Why do my clients get the results they need? 

Because ALL of my programs are based in Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Brain-Science, and the Psychology Of Happiness. Lots of experts and programs tell you what to do. I give you proven trademarked tools, techniques and education to actually do it.  

Don’t wait any longer to live your best life.

What happens if you don’t make that call?

+ Your anxiety, depression, and stress become the norm.
+ You'll continue beating yourself up.
+ When you are hurting, chances are you’re hurting others, emotionally, with your control issues, or not being able to connect or contribute optimally in your relationships.
+ You’ll look back and regret it.
+ You’ll continue being miserable.

Customize My Signature Life Coaching Program to Focus On

Anxiety & Depression

Confidence Issues


Relationship Issues

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults each year. Anxiety disorders are relatively easy to overcome, yet only 36.9% of those suffering get help.  

Do you wish you had more confidence in yourself? You’re not alone...85% of people suffer from low self-esteem. If not addressed, low self-esteem and lack of confidence will impact your behaviors, relationships, health, finances, career and overall quality of life.

Is the way you were born your biggest struggle? Is the fact that you are apart of the LGBTQ community the justification most commonly used when you have been rejected, abandoned, or even those who should love and accept you?  

Do your relationships make you miserable, undermine your self-esteem, or have you dreading family time? Do your relationships make you anxious, depressed, and leave you stuck in the past? Have you tried everything you know to change your relationships, but nothing has worked? 

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what's included in the signature program:

+ Eight 2-hour coaching sessions 

+ Unlimited phone, text and email support throughout the coaching engagement 

+ Customized recordings to support your coaching goals

+ Unlock Bold Change™ journal with personalized inscription 

by the end of the 8 sessions you will:

+ Own and understand all natural depression relief techniques

+ Have the tools and techniques to overcome your stress and anxiety

+ Experience increased confidence

+ Experience positive behaviors and habits that support your goals

+ See bold changes in your life

How My Signature Program Works

"I truly enjoyed the whole program! First, I found myself extremely comfortable because Coach Monique was sincere and engaging. I was presented with material that helped explain my emotions and help me understand my emotions throughout the day."

- Jennifer I.

What People Are Saying About Coach Monique's Life Coaching

"Before starting this program I was trying to find some way to minimize my stress. Through this program I have learned to calm myself and realize the positive aspects of my life."

- Carol F.

what people are saying about life coaching

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