An Exciting Female Leadership Development Program to Accelerate Professional Growth and Overcome the Immense Pressures of Life

Meld \MELD\ verb. : to blend or mix together; merge 

Mothers. Executives. Leaders. Development.

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Juggling the countless demands of a career, kids, marriage, friendships, and family life is difficult, and it’s even more challenging in the heightened pressures of a global pandemic. Enter M.E.L.D., an exciting female leadership development program offering MELS (Mothers Executives & Leaders) invaluable strategies for learning how to become your best self at home and in the office.

Led by Coach Monique, an award-winning leader who has personally coached more than 1,200 professionals while relying heavily on Emotional Intelligence, Brain-Science, The Science of Well-Being, and the Psychology of Happiness, M.E.L.D. is your opportunity to join an exclusive and confidential 12-month women’s leadership development program that connects you with an intimate group of like-minded women and busy professionals—all to help you gain the confidence, tools, and strategic training necessary to become the best executive, leader, mother, and friend you can be.  

Spaces are extremely limited, so sign up for an interview with Coach Monique to see if you’re the right fit for M.E.L.D.. 

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Become dramatically more confident while accomplishing more through a single day
Embrace challenges instead of fearing them while learning to grow through failure
Expand your personal and professional network to connect with a supportive community

Over the course of 12 months, Coach Monique and your fellow dedicated M.E.L.D. community members will help you:

Transform Your Life—and Future—With M.E.L.D.

Make better strategic decisions to progress in your personal and professional life
Strengthen your leadership style to become more influential in all walks of life
Eliminate your own self-imposed bias and imposter syndrome
Defeat stress, anxiety, and low-level depression to adopt an optimistic outlook

What you get 

To attain these important transformational steps, M.E.L.D. provides multiple value-packed resources to learn and grow over the entire 12-month female leadership development program, including:

You can have all of this and more for an
investment of $800 a month (Introductory Rate)
or at the discounted rate of $8,800 for the entire program! 

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A monthly, in person half-day engagement to explore that month’s high-impact topic while delivering the tools to grow personally and professionally with an opportunity to discuss the material and grow with your fellow MELs. Each month’s theme will be posted at the start of each month. 

A monthly one-hour one-on-one virtual coaching session with Coach Monique to target one of your specific areas of need or interest and have built-in accountability.

A private Facebook group to expand on each month’s theme and provide additional resources such as articles, quizzes, FaceBook lives, infographics, tip sheets, and more. This group will be a shared platform for having discussions and sharing experiences and opinions with other MELs in the group. 

An exclusive dedicated group of executives, leaders, and business women hand selected by Coach Monique herself for exploring each month’s theme with the rest of the M.E.L.D. community members.

Monthly Engagement

Curated Group

On-Going Education and Support


Are You A Good Fit For M.E.L.D.?

Great M.E.L.D. candidates are MELs who cover numerous responsibilities throughout the course of a day, but admit to stagnating or struggling to keep up. The ideal M.E.L.D. participant:

If you identify with these characteristics, reach out! With Coach Monique and the rest of the M.E.L.D. community, you can become the best you can be. Spaces are limited, so Coach Monique is now holding participant interviews for this unique women’s leadership development program to ensure the best candidates are accepted into this new cohort.

The ideal MELD participant:

Is a mother, executive, business owner, or leader who often feels alone in their responsibilities, and yearns for the support and connection of women who share similar experiences.


Often puts others before themselves, but struggles to give themselves the proper care and attention they deserve.


Is terrified they aren’t living up to their leadership potential and are unsure what to do next in their career or how to progress further.


Feels motivated to evolve into their best self while remaining vulnerable and willing to make connections in a non-judgemental environment


Has formed unhealthy coping mechanisms to overcome the daily pressures of life, including daily wine consumption, binge eating, and excessive social media use.


Is often paralyzed in their decision-making and frequently feels like an imposter because nothing they do feels like it’s enough.


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M.E.L.D. Session breakdown

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Foundations of Emotional Well-Being (The Building Blocks for Your Best Life)

Overcoming Failure and Disappointment and Building Resilience

Session 1

Session 2

Effective Communication…It’s Not Just What You Say 

Raising Independent and Resilient Children… Happiness is the Consequence (What it Means to be a Good Mother)

Session 3

Session 4

Learning the Art and Science of Intentionality and Getting More of What You Want Out of Life

Your Relationship with Money… If You Don’t Know What it is, It’s Probably Not Good

Session 5

Session 6

Pay Now or Pay Later- The Consequences of Delay

Recognizing and Overcoming Society’s (and often our own) Bias Against Women, Including Ourselves 

Session 7

Session 8

Attitude of Gratitude and Changing Your Brain to Think Positively

Learning That “No” is a Complete Sentence…Setting Healthy Boundaries, Having Reasonable Expectations and Dealing with Criticism.

Session 9

Session 10

Who Are You and What Do You Want to be Known For? Developing Your Personal Brand

Love, Romance, and Marriage.. Loving Yourself and Connecting with a Partner

Session 11

Session 12

*Session topics & schedule subject to change based on the needs of the cohort.

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Want a more exclusive experience?

Get customized support targeted for you with our M.E.L.D. Individual Coaching.

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