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M.E.L.D is an exclusive program that will connect you with likeminded women, help you gain new skills & confidence, and more! 


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Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a hybrid form of therapy developed by Marisa Peer, an internationally known therapist who has worked with many Fortune 500 executives, celebrities, and royalty over the past 30 years. It combines the most beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Psychotherapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapies. RTT Rapid Transformational Therapy is designed to deliver rapid, permanent therapy results to people who are struggling with physical or emotional pains.

There are many benefits to RTT Hypnotherapy. Some of the most common issues clients resolve with rapid transformational therapy include weight loss, anxiety, stress, depression, confidence issues, self-esteem issues, panic attacks, performance anxiety, and relationship problems. It’s a very safe and relaxing process that will allow you to access your subconscious mind and uncover the root cause of your struggles.

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Coach Monique is a certified RTT Practitioner

+ Chronic stress
+ Relationship, social, performance and health anxiety
+ Anxiety and panic attacks
+ Depression
+ Confidence Issues
+ Feeling stuck
+ Underachieving goals

RTT Hypnotherapy Can Help You Find Relief 

+ RTT Hypnosis for generalized anxiety and depression
+ RTT Hypnosis for health anxiety and depression
+ RTT Hypnosis for relationship anxiety and depression
+ RTT Hypnosis for social anxiety
+ RTT Hypnosis for performance anxiety
+ RTT Hypnosis for anxiety attacks
+ RTT Hypnosis for panic attacks

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Mothers. Executives. Leaders. Development.

Are you a mother, executive, business owner, or leader, looking for support & community?

M.E.L.D. is your opportunity to join an exclusive 12-month program that will connect you with a group of like-minded women and busy professionals, and help you gain the confidence, tools, and strategic training necessary to become the best executive, leader, mother, and friend you can be.


I know my work changes lives because it changed my life. Today my life is full of happiness, loving relationships, and success — all in the areas that are important to me. I get to help people the way I was helped.

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In a typical hypnotherapy session, clients connect a lifelong or current “problem behavior” to a past event. RTT practitioner Coach Monique will help you understand, feel, and release trapped emotions which prevent you from living the life you desire. You will explore parts of your mind which hold answers to some of your deepest challenges and questions about yourself. 

After your first RTT hypnotherapy session, you will begin to notice gradual changes in your thoughts, beliefs and expectations which will replace your “old way of being.” 

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Why Work With Coach Monique as a
RTT Practitioner?

"I truly enjoyed the whole program! First, I found myself extremely comfortable because Coach Monique was sincere and engaging. I was presented with material that helped explain my emotions and help me understand my emotions throughout the day."

- Jennifer I.


"Before starting this program I was trying to find some way to minimize my stress. Through this program I have learned to calm myself and realize the positive aspects of my life."

- Carol F.

Success Stories

"I saw Coach Monique 2 weeks ago. It was an amazing experience. I have been trying unsuccessfully to diet until now. During my Rapid Transformation Hypnotherapy session some deep seeded issues came forward and were addressed and dealt with. As a result I have not had the cravings I did before and I have been able to avoid the “bad” foods and stick to healthy, natural clean eating. For example today I ate my hard boiled egg right beside a big box of donuts at work. The donuts just didn’t interest me! I also wanted to drink more water. Before I would drink enough water to take my pills and that was it all day. Now I am drinking 3+ bottles of water a day! I highly recommend seeing her for anything you want to change in your life. She is truly a miracle worker!"

- Jane O.

Success Stories

Success Stories

Are you ready for a change with
Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)?

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The Fine Print:  All coaching programs are fully customizable to fit your needs. Payment plans are available, and you may cancel at any time to receive a refund for the remaining balance of sessions.