What is your Dominant Thought Pattern?

What is my dominant thought pattern?

Identifying your dominant thought pattern is your exciting first step to unlocking bold change.

Step 1: FREE Dominant Thought Pattern Assessment

Take my free assessment to identify your Dominant Thought Pattern.

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Step 2: FREE download of the 4 types

To take a deeper dive, download my 4 types overview here. This download provides a brief, bite-sized description for each type. 

Step 3: Discovering you 

After you've taken the free assessment (Step 1) and have downloaded the overview of the thought patterns (Step 2) it will help you understand yourself and others with clarity by understanding your Dominant Thought Pattern.

Monique DeMonaco

change management expert

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Certified Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Life Coach, Monique is a sought after one-on-one coach, group instructor and trainer for companies that want to improve the EQ of their workforce. Having worked her way through a dark past, including a difficult upbringing, learning disabilities, an undiagnosed seizure disorder and two failed marriages, Monique has the personal experience to back-up her extensive training in personal growth, emotional intelligence, and innovation. Monique is the ideal guide for your journey toward sustainable change.