Coach Monique first began using meditation, relaxation training, and thought awareness exercises for her own personal use 15 years ago. Because it had such a positive effect on her day-to-day life, she became trained to teach others.


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Your Questions About Hypnotherapy Answered

If you’ve never heard of hypnotherapy before, you’re in the right place. For over 100 years, hypnotherapy has been used to assist in treating many issues from phobias, to motivation, to anxiety and depression. 

But, what is RTT hypnotherapy exactly? RTT Hypnotherapy is a hybrid therapy, combining the most beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapies. Marisa Peer, the internationally known therapist and developer of Rapid Transformation Therapy, has worked with Fortune 500 executives, celebrities, and royalty throughout the world for the last 30 years.

So How Does It Work?

Through guided hypnosis,  you can relax enough to explore the parts of the mind which hold answers to some of your deepest questions about yourself. Hypnosis is simply a deep relaxation, and you will be aware throughout the session. You are in complete control, working with the therapist to understand, feel and heal the blocks which prevent you from living the life you choose.

Hypnotherapy is used as the vehicle because of its ability to access the subconscious and unconscious mind. With traditional talk therapy, one must tell their story session after session, in hopes that the source of the issue might eventually be found. Hypnotherapy provides direct access to the information required to understand what is going on for you. It helps you to work through the issues that come to the surface in order for you to process, understand and heal. 

How Many Sessions Does Hypnotherapy Require?

We’re all unique, so occasionally it may take another session or two to complete. As a rule, however, only one session per issue is required. This is not a quick fix — the insight may be instant, but the changes it enables are permanent.

What Makes Monique’s Hypnotherapy Different?

There are many other hypnosis centers out there. Often, they provide “suggestion work,” which uses the power of suggestion to change behavior. For example, in order to curb a sweet tooth, they may suggest under hypnosis that cupcakes will taste salty from now on, in order to get you to stop eating them. Rather than using suggestions to stop unwanted behaviors, we make corrections at the emotional level. By getting to the root cause of the behavior through hypnosis and making corrections at the source, the need for the behavior slips away and you’re able to experience permanent change. 

Are There Different Types of Hypnotherapy?

Mindfulness meditation, guided meditation, and deep sleep meditation hypnosis are good for the brain. ‘Exercising’ your brain with hypnosis meditation increases its physical size and density, boosting its strength and endurance in a safe and natural way. Meditation hypnosis also promotes ‘whole brain synchronization’. As your logical left-brain hemisphere and intuitive, creative right brain hemisphere learn to work in harmony, your brain’s productive capacity is supercharged, allowing for faster learning, enhanced creativity, higher IQ and EQ, better sleep, improved physical and emotional health, and overall contentment, helping support happiness and success in all areas of your life.

Looking for more information about RTT Hypnotherapy? Contact Coach Monique today to discuss how RTT Hypnotherapy can help change your life.