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Discover the root cause of your anxiety, stress, and depression, and overcome the limiting, disruptive, or destructive beliefs that are holding you back.

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is an innovative, hybrid therapy that produces rapid results.

RTT Hypnotherapy

As a leader you know that change has to come from within to achieve the next level of success. We have worked with:

✓ Executives & CEOs
✓ Entrepreneurs
✓ Family-Owned Businesses
✓ Women-Owned Businesses

Leadership Coaching

This isn’t therapy, it's a solutions-driven, forward-facing, innovative approach to change. Our clients typically experience change during their very first session. Consider life coaching if you have:

✓ Stress, Anxiety, or Depression
✓ Sexuality & Relationship Issues
✓ Low Self-Esteem
✓ Parenting Issues

Life Coaching

Solutions you've been looking for:

Meet Coach Monique

Multi-Certified change management expert

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Certified Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Life Coach, Monique is a highly sought-after one-on-one coach, group instructor, and trainer for companies that want to improve the EQ of their workforce. Having worked her way through a dark past, including a difficult upbringing, learning disabilities, an undiagnosed seizure disorder, and two failed marriages, Monique has the personal experience to back-up her extensive training in personal growth, emotional intelligence, and innovation. Monique is the ideal guide for your journey toward sustainable change.

"I truly enjoyed the whole program! First, I found myself extremely comfortable because Coach Monique was sincere and engaging. I was presented with material that helped explain my emotions and help me understand my emotions throughout the day."

- Jennifer I.

Success Stories

"Before starting this program I was trying to find some way to minimize my stress. Through this program I have learned to calm myself and realize the positive aspects of my life."

- Carol F.

Success Stories

Success Stories

Coach Monique's Clients