Are you feeling stuck in your career?

Executive Coaching

Even the most positive and productive people will lose their edge at times. Stagnation in your career or burnout from a heavy workload, differing expectations of multi-generational co-workers and teams, workplace demands, and personal challenges including divorce and family obligations are inevitable.   These demands drain your energy and confidence.

Periods like these are difficult to get through successfully on your own.

You’ve tried. You’re stuck. Regardless of what you do, you can’t seem to move forward or get that spark back!

You are not alone. Pro athletes, Olympians, and captains of industry have always known what many of us are just beginning to understand now. In order to go to the next level, we all need coaching, a sounding board, insights from experts, accountability, and support.  We all need to discover what we don’t know—that we don’t know that holds us back in our careers and in our personal lives.

To get back on your game, do what the best have always done, seek the expertise from those at the top of their game.

Executive coaching develops capabilities such as leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Functional Intelligence, and increased confidence/belief in self, self-awareness, a clear vision of one’s future, and a renewed excitement for career and life.

In short, high-potential business people understand the value of executive coaching and its transformative impact.

During her 16 years of coaching, Coach Monique has worked with athletes, business owners, executives, leaders, managers, professionals throughout the U.S to further develop their key capabilities, address performance gaps, and improve workplace behaviors. The results are powerful, measurable and lasting.

You can kick your career into high-gear with executive coaching from Coach Monique & Associates. Call today, 412-400-2085.

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Are your employees not working as a team?

Team BuildingTo maximize your company’s success, you need to maximize the success of its number one resource—your employees. Coach Monique can provide your employees with the training and encouragement they need to build an effective team environment. Healthy, well-managed conflict can be an energizing force behind positive and sustainable change. The challenge of conflict is to be constructive; solution-oriented and have set established boundaries for expressing it. Coach Monique’s business programs are high-energy, insightful and fun. Your employees will actually want to attend! The result can be an environment where your employees enjoy and find meaning in their work; which improves retention, overall satisfaction and benefits your bottom line.

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Need to get your mojo back?

Life CoachingEveryone struggles with stress, anxiety, bouts of worry, blows to their self-confidence or feelings of being stuck at some point in their lives and it can be hard to get back on track. During these times, life coaching can be the answer. Life coaching is not therapy or a replacement for therapy, but it can be the kick-start you need to get the changes you want sooner versus later. Coach Monique can help you experience the fulfillment of a happy, successful life with meaning and purpose. She can teach you how to minimize stress, overcome fears, improve moods and shift negative thinking so you can become more confident. Why put it off any longer?

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Want to overcome a personal issue quickly?

Rapid Transformational TherapyAre you dealing with addiction, anger, anxiety or chronic pain? Do you struggle with fears or phobias, low self-esteem or depression? Do you want to quit smoking or lose weight? During the summer of 2016, Coach Monique studied with Marisa Peer, internationally known hypnotherapist, at the Imperial College in London, England to learn hypnotherapy. Coach Monique’s Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Hypnotherapy can help you achieve results easily, effortlessly and without sacrifice. And best of all, RTT can work in as little as one session!

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Coach Monique & Associates is a certified WBENC women-owned business

WBENC’s world-class certification is accepted by more than 1,000 corporations representing America’s most prestigious brands, in addition to many states, cities and other entities. WBENC is also an approved Third Party Certifier for the United States Small Business Administration (SBA) Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) Federal Contracting Program.

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